10 Vs 12 Miter Saw? – For Professionals Which One Is Best

10 Vs 12 Miter SawA miter saw is a perfect tool for use in the cutting work to make all types of cuts with simple miter and bevel cuts. So, if; your profession is a woodworker or it is your hobby, then you need to use the best type, and size miter saw with its different sizes. But, the 10″ and 12″ miter saw are suitable for use with all quality of features. Both of these are good for use with different purposes and situations, but these are different from each other with various aspects.

The 12″ miter saw is large enough with its good cutting capacity and work efficiency while the 10″ can use for workshop tasks and do the work regularly with its sharp blade power. Overall, the 12″ miter saws much more expensive than all other and 10″ sizes. So, maintaining control for both of these systems is also different from various aspects.

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10inch Miter Saw

It is the pretty excellent and fantastic miter saw for cutting work with all useful features and functions. This miter saw is small in its size with sharp edges to make all types of cuts easily. Both the bevel and miter cuts are placed at any angle with full grip and power. The complete setup is very comfortable and suitable for use to give maximum accuracy in the cutting work. Moreover, the blades are perfect with an appropriate counterpart. The arrangement of the blades is very accurate with easy adjustability and other settings to give accuracy in the work.

The 10inch miter saw spins full fast to give maximum power and strength for use all-time with full efficiency. Moreover, the finishing power of this miter saw is also good with sharp RPM at the rate of 5000RPM. The motor power is also good enough to give maximum strength for cutting work. Most of the trimming work is comfortable with this 10inch miter saw to place all types of easy cuts at any angle.

Some useful features and functions of 10inche miter saw

Most of the 10inches miter saw has different functions to use it and get much more benefits from it. But, there some useful features of this miter saw of 10inch are described here.

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The 10inche miter saw of the double and single bevel support has very sharp blades. The number of teeth in the 10inche miter saw edges are almost 88-100. But, all the teeth are large size to give full sharpness power. The sharp blades in this miter saw are an excellent addition to provide maximum strength and efficiency for cutting work and make small pieces easily.

 Small Size 

The miter saw is also small size as compared to the other 12″ miter saw with its all aspects and parts. Small parts are used to manufacture it perfect for use in all types of work from any angle. The sizes are also right for the workshops and easily adjust to all places. Moreover, the small size is suitable to carry it out quickly and shift from one cutting business to another one quickly.


It is the miter saw which is good to add efficiency and versatility for cutting work and also give maximum strength to use it all time with using less motor power. Moreover, its speed for work is also good enough to provide comfortable support in the trimming and making small pieces of any type and shape as well.

 Good Work Ability 

The 10inch mite saw is versatile and much more different from the 12inch miter saw with its all working power. It has good speed to use it for cutting on wood, plastic, and metal as well with full accuracy. So, the maximum speed for cutting is almost 5000RPM with right angle setting. So, the made quality is better enough to give full support and excellent strength for cutting wood to make small pieces with all sliding shape.

 Low Wobbling 

It is the best type of 10inche miter saw with its compound and sliding shape to give easy adjustability in the cutting. Moreover, it has low movement from any point and uses less power. So, the wobbling is less enough to provide effortless power for accuracy in the cutting. Overall, the 10inche miter saw is in its pure sliding shape and also called as 10inch sliding miter saw. Most of the manufacturers made the 10inch sliding miter saw for use. But, the miter saw with a 10inch size of Dewalt and Hitachi are promising to give maximum performance for woodworking and also use for carpentry work. Many of the professional carpenters use this type of miter saw for their trimming and carpentry work with full accuracy and decoration level.

 Lightweight Made 

The made quality is entirely lightweight to make it portable for use. So, this design is good looking for any user with its full simple shape to give effortless use power and make the 10inches compound miter saw versatile enough for work and provide maximum speed and performance level. The lightweight design is easy to carry from one to another place. So, you can adjust it for your work with its simple, lightweight design.

 Disadvantages Of 10inch Miter Saw 

As a 10inch miter saw is useful for use with its all good features and has a lot of advantages. Then here are some disadvantages to using the 10inch miter saw for work.

So, this miter saw of 10inch in its sliding shape is very simple enough to place all miter cuts and bevel cuts with the right bevel angle. But, it has low power to cut the hard material. So, it does not work for all types of metallic material and does not work efficiently. Moreover, this size miter saw has a small length of its blades for making deep cuts. So, you cannot use the 10inch miter saw to place all deep cuts at any angle. For this work, you need to use the short, and large size miter saw with its right size blade to put any amount quickly at any point.

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12inch Miter Saw

It the best type of large size miter saw with all useful features for use in the woodwork to make all types of pieces. The machine is very hard with its all smooth setting to give maximum power for work and also give accuracy and adjustability at any point with its perfect blades. The blade of a large size is suitable for use to make easy cutting with full efficiency. Moreover, it is powerful and harder to found it for use in woodwork. The 12inch miter saw can cut broader and thicker boards than its smaller counterpart. If you’re working with more massive wood or larger crown molding pieces, the 12-inch will be an actual labor and existence saver for you.

So, you can use this extensive size 12inche system for all types of work and make full accuracy in all working to give maximum power and durability. The power of the motor is also good with its perfect battery system to provide ultimate strength for cutting the large size board with a comfortable and adjustable setting. Moreover, this tool is durably made for a long time use to give maximum power and adjustability. So, you can use it for all types of hard cutting to create simple and straight cuts. But, the 12inch miter saw has the kind of compound miter saw with its double bevel support to give easy adjustability for making all bevel cuts as well as miter cuts.

 Advantages To Use 12inch Miter Saw 

It is suitable for you to use this large size miter saw for all types of work and gives accuracy in cutting as compared to the 10inche miter saw with small size. So, some good points add simple advantages to use it for cutting wood and make large boards easily.

 Large Blades 

The blades of all 12inch are large, with a perfect and straightforward set of teeth. So, the number of teeth in this tool of 12inch is 100-120. Therefore, a large number of teeth with the right size make the perfect blade for cutting woods, plastic, and other material of metal and rubber. Moreover, the large size blade is also suitable to put deep cuts with all bevel cuts system. However, it is too good to make the perfect large size board from any point with a simple setting to give maximum support. This blade with 12inch is right to add power and use less motor power and works with reasonable efficiency to make all sliding cuts at any angle.


It is the best system that is versatile from its all features and functions. Moreover, it is good to give full efficiency for the cutting of wood and other material accurately. But, a woodworker can use it to make its perfect cuts at any angle with bevel support. The 12inch sliding miter saw is good to use for making large size boards. A miter saw with 10inches is not able to make the perfect and large size board with all types of cuts. This is the best 12inch system to place the cuts of both bevel and miter cut.

 Deep Cuts 

The 12inch miter saw is vast enough with its all aspects to give accessible functions. This is effective to provide support to place thoroughly deep cuts. So, a carpenter can easily use this setup to get maximum performance in a comfortable setting. Moreover, it is versatile to make large size of wood and metal pieces with full deep and hard cuts. In addition to this, the 12inch miter saw is suitable for work from any angle with its dual bevel support.


The 12inche miter saw of both single and dual bevel support has many functions for efficient work to give good power and useability. Moreover, the less motor control of the miter saw is used to place all massive and smooth cuts with the right support setting. In addition to this, the 12inche sliding miter saw is different from the 10inch miter saw due to its good efficiency of work and also us less power to t save energy and work power with good durability. So, it is better to use in all types of cutting pieces with good accuracy and adjustability.

 Speedy Setup 

The 12inche system is perfect for giving full speed and excellent progress in the cutting work due to its large blade size. The teeth of the blade in the 12inhc miter saw are also large enough to place the deeper cuts compared to the 10inch miter saw. Moreover, it is comfy for use with its full safety and incredible speed to check full work power. Thus overall, the rate for work is more significant as compared to all other 10inch miter saws.

 Major Difference Between 10inch VS 12inch Mier Saw 

It is good to read this complete article to get the full information and significant differences between these two miters saw of 10inch and 12inch. So, check some good points about the difference between these for all time use in the cutting work. Overall both the tools are perfect for use in all cutting work.


It is the main difference between these two miter saw of 10inch and 12inch tools. The 10inch miter saw is a price worth and cheaper as compared to the 12inch miter saw. The price is less due to the small size and design of the 10inch miter saw. It is made with pure material at a low cost, so it is low in price. The 12inch miter saw is much more expensive as compared to the 10inch system. The 12inch tool is more excellent in its functions and also with the large size of the blade. So, this setup of 12inch in its sliding and compound shape is much more powerful and expensive.


It is also useful in 10inch miter saw due to its small blade’s small size with full ultra-thin shape to give maximum support for work. So, you can use the 10inch miter saw for fine cutting and in the trimming work. The 12inch miter saw has a large size blade and has very low progress with its speed and carpentry work. So, it is good to buy the 10inch miter saw for speedy carpentry work.


The blades of 12inch miter saw are large enough with less use power. The number of teeth in the 12inch blade is high and large enough in number as compared to the 10inch edge. So, the 120 number of teeth present in the 12inch miter saw blade and 80-100 numbers of teeth in the 10inch miter saw blade. The shape is ultra-thin in the 10inch miter saw. But, the form and design of the 12inch miter saw are sturdy and robust enough.

 Deflection System 

This is a significant problem in the cutting work that a miter saw cause some difficulties with Wobble or deflection. It is due to the size of a blade. So, the ultra-thin edge is right to give effortless use power for cutting at any point with full accuracy and speed. So, the 10inch miter saw blade is small to show less deflection compared to the 12inch miter saw. This 12inch tool is massive in size and shows high wobbling and deflection. So, if you need the trimming work, then a 10inch miter saw system is suitable for use to give full accuracy in position and make small pieces with good power without any deflection and show maximum safety for the body.


It is suitable for you to buy the best miter saw with full, accurate size for the cutting work with its maximum portability and flexibility. 10inch miter saw is portable and flexible with its sound design for use in all types of cutting pieces. The lightweight and small size of the 10inch miter saw is portable compared to the 12inch miter saw. So, you can move and put the 10inch tool quickly at any of the cutting job areas. The 12inch miter saw is perfect for use at one place without portable functions and shows less flexibility.

 Cutting Capacity 

The 10inch miter saw is not suitable for large area cutting power. So, the 12inch miter saw tool is perfect with its adequate cutting capacity to give easy use function. The 12inch tool is useful to provide effortless power for cutting of large size board with full deep cuts. So, you can use the perfect large pieces of wood and metal with a 12inches tool to place the comfortable and perfect sliding piece with any of the angles. But, a 10inch tool makes the only small cuts at any angle with a size of 4*4s pieces with a good grip.

 Cutting Capacity 

It is a significant difference between both miter saw tool with all aspects. The 12inch miter saw is suitable for use with using low power. The motor of the 12inch miter saw is good to give easy use function and make easy cuts with a large board and make large pieces of wood using less battery and motor power. Thus te 12inch miter saw is sharp for use in woodwork as compare to the 10inch tool. So, a 12inch setup is efficient as compared to the 10inch system.


The 12inch miter saw is more durable and robust made as compared to all 10inch miter saw. All the parts are easily fitted with an excellent grip to make versatile functions with power and strength. So, it is more vital for use as compared to 10inch. The 10inch tool is less intense and durable than a 12inch tool with its sound design of durably made functions.

Which one is better in 10inch VS 12inch miter saw?

Both of the miter saw is good for use in the cutting work with their quality of features. But, the 10inch miter saw is suitable for carpentry and trimming work to make all small pieces of woods, and 12inch miter saw is good to place the deeper cuts with full bevel support and make large size board with good quality of the setting. So, the 10inch is suitable for carpentry work, and the 12inch tool is useful for woodwork to make all types of cuts at any angle with full sliding shape.

Conclusion 10 Vs 12 Miter Saw:

10icnch and 12inch miter saws are in two different shapes and designs with the size and setting. So, both of these are different from various aspects and have some differences for users. Moreover, both tools have a lot of features and functions to use them in the carpentry and woodwork to make all small pieces with useful functionality. Here we give you a suggestion to buy the miter saw of 10inch for carpentry work with its small size blades and a lot of flexibility and portability. But, the 12inch miter saw is suitable for use in the woodwork with its useful function to make and cut large pieces with full functionality.

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