How To Change Blade On Dewalt Miter Saw?

how to change blade on dewalt miter sawAs everyone knows that if you feel some faults in the blades of your Dewalt miter saw that is is not been working accurately anymore and not be able to give you precise and perfect cuts on plumber or woods so in this way the woodworkers want to bring some changes on the saw and remove the old blades from it and add new components to its.

In addition to this, if someone is interested in more versatility or if the blades of the tool are not sharp so in this way, they can do this process to fulfill their requirements and get the perfect product for the workshop.

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A few Steps Of This Process

Here our team will help you and discuss a few steps that will help you to and create ease to change the blades of your Dewalt miter saw.

Step No 1:

• The person should remove the miter saw from the power plug for their safety because if you will work with having the electric connection so it is very harmful and will give you some serious electrical shocks that is why it is very important to do this step.

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• This is the step of basic of the process of changing the blades of the Dewalt miter saw so if the item is connected with the power then the person will not be able to adjust it.

Step No 2:

• There will be a wrench present behind the fence of the Dewalt miter saw so you must have to remove that while you want to do the process of removing old blades from the item. Moreover, for loosening the system of the bolt and that helps in holding the guard.

• But make sure that do not try to remove the system of the bolt but only lose it to make the way easy and to increase the blade guard. This will help in allowing you to cover the whole process of your tool so must look for it while doing it.

• After loosening it when blade bold is exposed completely so till the completion of this operation. This is the second step for you that will help and create ease for you without any issue or trouble and you will easily change the blades. You have to hold the guard and loosen the system of the bolt for this.

Step No 3:

• In this step, you have found out the button of the spindle on in simple words to locate this part in the miter saw. Furthermore, you find it on the next or opposite side of the bolt system or the blade. While in some tools you will see a black button located below the button.

• Not every miter saw has an easy way to find but in some items, it is very easy to get all the components when you want to bring some changes or to replace it. This is also a very simple and easy step to do so do not worry about this because it is not that difficult.

Step No 4:

• Nonetheless, while you are going to press the spindle lock then in the next step you should start rotating the blade till it the lock reaches the exact place. Now its time to hold the lock of the spindle in the exact place while you start using the blades wrench to make the blade of the bold loosen.

• So this is the time of replacing the old blades of the Dewalt miter saw and add a new one to the machine that will work accurately and make perfect and impressive cuts of your wish on different materials that include plumber, plastic, wood, metal, and many more things in the comparison of the previous blades.

Step No 5:

• In this step, you should tighten up the blade of the bolt and then release the spindle lock in this. The blades of the Dewalt miter saw must loosen in the forward direction while tight it in the backward direction. But for this purpose, you may have to make the tendency opposite that is the last.

• And, surely, you must have known about the rule that the right is tight while the left is opposite that is loose. This is another step about this that you should learn is and it is the basic thing of the operation or process. At the start, you may feel it wrong but it’s not authentic or correct.

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• You will get all the information about the basics and the bolt system so that which part you have to remove or tighten it up. That is why you should check the reviews and learn the basics that will help you a lot and you will be able to change the blades or any other component.

Step No 6:

• The bold holding will be loosened in this way. The person should change the position of the cover of the guard in this step because it is very important while you are doing this process This will allow you to start changing the blade to your item.

• Now after the completion of this step you will be able to try the new blade to the saw and start using it for different requirements. If you have done every step perfectly and right then it will work very accurately and fulfill your needs without any trouble.

Step No 7:

• Here you will have to slide the blade of the upper guard but at the lower direction and above the guard of the blade screw. Now after this you have to tighten the screw only for the security of the guard that is very important and you can not ignore it in between this operation.

• Furthermore, after all these steps you have to do experience and plugged the saw to the power circuit and check the blades result whether it is working accurately or not.

Why Change Miter Saw Blades?

The reason that is discussed by our team for you is given below.

Avoid Tear Out

• You will get the tear out of the miter saw on the side of the cut edge. You will see a lot of many ways to keep the tear out perfect. But the first step is more important that will show you that you are using a sharp age for being for cutting different materials. Not every saw has many teeth.

• Furthermore, the brand of Dewalt miter saw comes with 32 teeth and also having a blade of construction. You will notice that is it best for making rough and rip cuts.

More Versatility

• This is the second reason to change the old blades of the saw because a person wants more versatile blades that will be able to make cuts on different materials that are hard and also smooth which includes PVC, plastic, plumber, wood, metal, melamine, copper, and aluminum.

• The woodworker must sure that you have present this kind of blades that will work according to your choice with a hundred percent accuracy and versatility. As you know that the versatility is normally offered by a lightweight machine that is also can easily be carried by a person from one working place to another.

Non-Ferrous Metals

• This is another reason that the blades are not able to cut non-ferrous metals that is why you will need to change it and add new blades to the product. These materials include copper and aluminum. However, the company should be designed or construct the blades of the tool to cut on these kinds of materials.

• The beginners should not use the preinstalled blade on materials because it is very dangerous for them. Those people who are using it for the first time so they will need a sharp item for making cuts on materials. Furthermore, you should know that the rip blade is designed with a high hook angle while the metals need a lower hook angle to cut.


• The age means in some cases the blades become dull and old and the person needs a perfect, accurate, and new blade for woodworking that is why they replace the previous blades to new ones for bringing improvement and precision in the cuts. After doing this the worker will see a great change in the result.

• In addition to this, do not waste the old blades but use it in another thing or activity or may you can also recycle it that is why do not throw it.

Frequently Ask Question

how to change the blade on Dewalt 12″ sliding miter saw?

Here are some steps of changing the blades on Dewalt 12″ inch sliding miter saw that is given below.

1: Unplug it from the power circuit.

2: After this, you should remove the blade guard from it.

3: The remove the old blades of the miter saw.

4: Then install the new blades in it.


As shown above, all the steps of changing the blades of the Dewalt miter saw, and our team also shows the reasons. So I think through this article you will learn all the basics and we also provide great information about this. Hence, it is not an easy task that is why you should check all the reviews about this that will help you a lot and you will not face any issue or difficulty.

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