How To Change Blade On Miter Saw? Easy Steps For All

How To Change Blade On Miter SawIf you want to change blades on the miter saw so it is quite an easy way and you will need some tools that are very important for you to remove it from the item and it will take a short time while space is also included.

First of all the users should know the right way of using a miter saw or it may a manual tool then you will need some reviews about this that will create ease for you while doing this process.

In addition to this, the person must try to make sure the perfect and accurate cuts of the blade after changing it and adding new blades. It can be handy for you to run it.

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Steps For Changing The Blades

Here we will show a few steps that every woodworker should follow while changing the blades on the miter saw.

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Step No 1: Remove The Blade Guard

Removing the blade guard is very easy to do for which you will need some instruments that will help you in replacing it. The quick pops will create ease for you while applying this process. Furthermore, in rare cases, you should lose some screws of the miter saw.

However, there is a blade guard present on the miter saw that will be removed before this process then you will be able to make the changes in the right way ad you will not face any difficulty or issue.

Most people do not know the basics of this process so they can not be able to do it accurately that is why you must learn all these things before so it will be helpful for you.

Step No 2: Remove The Spindle Cover

In this second step, you will need to remove the spindle cord before doing that. However, then spin it to the upward side of the guard of the blade. After that separate, the screw in front of the cover of the spindle and remove the outer side from it.

As in this step mention that removing the spindle cover is very important in replacing the old blades of the miter saw so you should look for it. Not only this but whenever the blades did not work accurately and the woodworkers want precise and accurate cuts on plumber or wood so in this case, they want to change the blades of the machine.

Step No 3: Remove The Blade

Now its time to remove the blades and take it away from it. You must have to press the lock of the spindle if you are interested in locking the spindle. The person will see some issues but it is not a big deal.

Likewise, if this process is not possible that is the lock system the person should turn the spindle with the help of a 10 mm wrench and then put some pressure to the lock so it will work perfectly after this.

This wrench is also used in loosening the system of the bolt and then you must have to wash it. Because it is very important for you while dealing with this kind of process. While you press the lock the worker should disjoin the blade from the item.

Step No 4: Replacement Of Blade

Changing the blades of the miter saw is mean that you are bringing the entire change. In addition to this, the customers should install it in the right direction by using all the arrows that you are using on the body of the blades. After this, you must replace the blade and washer.

When you want to turn it towards the left then it will require twisting of the bot system. Connect the lock and then again used a 10 mm wrench fit up and tighten the bolt and changing the cover screw of the spindle and lower the guard of the blade.

You must have to check the blade tightening because of avoiding the severe injuries that is why the person should look for this thing. Moreover, if it is not tightened and it will then the worker can face many serious issues or problems while doing the changing process of the blades.

Step No 5: Tuning The Blade

After some time you will see the adjustments in the warrant in the miter saw. And then new and perfect saws will be balanced. If you are interested in precise and accurate parts then a few things would happen that is the matches of fences must ensure the body or the shape of the blade.

Besides, not only the blades match but also the shape of the table. These are things that must bring some changes during this process of changing the blades of the miter saw. So make sure to read some reviews or articles about this before doing it that will be helpful for you and you will not get any issues nor injuries.

Knowing the basics of this process is important because it will reduce the chances of severe injuries that is been created by the blades and a person will hurt a lot through this so make sure to learn all these things.

Some Short Points

1: You must remove your machine from the break or power for doing the process of removing blades. This is the first thing or step about this that you must follow it.

2: The second thing is loosing down the bolt and system and then the woodworker should place the lock of the spindle. Hence, it will be the next step for you that you can pass it to your tool.

3: After these steps, you will be able to remove the blade from the miter saw if it has some issue or the old blades did not work efficiently so in this way you can change it.

4: Then you need to put the new blades accordingly.

5: In the end, the worker should connect the lock of the spindle again and then fit up the system of the bolt.

6: You will also create some changes in the blade and then lightly move up the guard to reach the holding of the screw to the guard. The person must follow this step in this because it is very important.

7: Here in this step the worker has to deliver the screw to move the guard of the blade. To show the lock and pin of the miter saw as compared to the back position the first position must have to keep on 170 degrees. This is an essential point you need to take care of moreover if the bolt is loose then use your hand to remove it.


• First of all, you should unplug the miter saw from the electric circuits because it will be dangerous working with the electric power and it will give electrical shocks that create problems for you.

• Keep all the components, fences, and stops on the exact places before doing it that will create ease for you. Furthermore, through an instrument that is called a screwdriver, you should remove the blade guard from the miter saw. And then cover it then retain the guard of the blade.

• For keeping the blade o the blade place you should add the spindle lock for holding also. Into the accomodating the bolt of the blade the person should place the short end of the upper side of the Allen wrench or hex.

• Turn the tool clockwise for loosening the bolt. During operation, the blade of the miter saw move continuously so due to this the bolt will be the reverse thread. To tap the great end of the wrench then for this purpose use a hammer or mallet that will help you in creating the connection if it needs.

• These are the important instructions that you must follow before doing this process and it will decrease the chances of dangerous things and also reduces the electric shocks that can be the cause of a person’s death.

• However, if you find the bolt bit loose, then you need to utilize your hands to alter it. After this change the blade and apply this process for adding the new blades into the miter saw. These are the steps of instruction that every person should learn before doing it to the items.

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As it is not an easy task to change the blades on the miter saw that is why our team is here that will show you some methods of this process through which you will be able to do it the right away without getting any issue or problem but very easily. So for creating ease for the beginners we offer this article that will help you in learning the basics of removing the blades through the machine if it needs. This is the step by step construction for you and the person should not be miss even a single thing of this operation.

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