How To Change Blade On Ryobi Miter Saw?

how to change blade on ryobi miter sawYou may have different miter saws that include Dewalt, Ryobi, Bosch, craftsman, porter cable, or any other tool. But it is essential to know the right method of changing the blades on your item.

In addition to this, a miter saw is used for woodworking to make different cuts on materials. Sometimes, it will get some issues. That is why you will feel to bring changes in its blades as you know that these tools are also very versatile and durable.

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Main Application Of The Saw

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If you are a beginner and do not know about the application of the miter saw, so we are here to tell you that it is used to create different cuts on materials according to your wish or choice. The person can use it to cut objects that include metals, wood, plumber, plastic, etc.

A few Steps For Changing The Blades

Step 1: Security Precaution

For doing these kinds of processes, every person or woodworker must look for a few security precautions. Similarly, it is essential for everyone because it may lead to many serious issues.

The first thing is very important: disconnecting the plug of the saw from the power circuit, and the reason is it will hurt you or create a severe problem or may cause death. While the second thing is that if the item is spinning, you should wait for it to stop completely.

Working on blades is not an easy task, so you should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. Also, make sure to take gloves while doing this process. That is the reason in this article, and we will also tell you about these things because it is quite essential to know before doing this process.

Step 2: Release The Blade Arms

Suppose the blades of the miter saw are in a downward position and also locked. Additionally, if you want to change the blades on your miter saw, you should need to release the blades’ arm.

First of all, you have to release the tension on the blades, while before doing it, you have slightly pushed the lock on it. You also have to pull out the blade’s pin, and then the arm will start moving upward. In this way, the person will be able to a real essential arm.

Step 3: Move The Bolt Cover Out Of The Way

If you want to give it an upward direction, you should create rotation on the blade’s guard. Do this process until it exposes the Phillips on the screw of the head. Hence, this screw will help you to cover the blades of the bold on the exact place.

After this, you should loosen the screws of the blade and cover-up, then move the blades from the way to expose the hex-head bolt of the blade. This is the third step of this process that is very important to perform before it.

Step 4: Remove The Blade

Similarly, after doing the above steps, then it will allow you to remove the blades from the Ryobi miter saw. Then you have to push the spindle’s lock and keep pushing it after it gets fully lock the spindle. But if it gets any issue and does not work to lock it, the person should use a 10mm wrench to open the spindle. Make sure to apply some pressure on it at the same time.

You have to note that the blade is thread bolt, sp after this, you have turned and loosen to remove it. Then after removing then out of the washer. Similarly, after doing this process, it will allow you to remove the blades from the item.

Step 5: Install The New Blade

Installing the blades on the miter saw is the opposite process. You will see the rotation arrows located on the blade. Now you have to follow these arrows for getting the right direction, that would be much better.

After this, you have to put the new blades in the old blades’ place and lower the guard on the spindle. In addition to this, the worker has to point out the blades’ teeth downward at the front of the miter saw.

The rotation of the arrows makes sure to check that it is working accurately or not. Now it is the time to remove the bolt and also the outer washer. After this, turn the bolt in a clockwise direction for this process. Nonetheless, push the lock of the spindle and then tighten the bolt system of the miter saw. So put the spindle cover screw.

Some Experts Tips

● If you want to get the best accurate and precise cuts from the miter saw, then make sure that the blade is on the square position of the table, while the fence is on the square position of the blade. It is quite essential for this achievement.

● The second thing is that do not tighten the system of the bold and the screw. Because it can lead to the damage of the threading of the cross, and it will create a critical problem in the machine.

● Ensuring a blade that perfectly fits your product, or in simple words, does not apply thick blades on it. If you do not look for it, you will not get a hundred percent result. That is why check it before doing it.

● Before getting it, you have to check the manual if it does not have the quality to change its blades. So you can give the name, brand, and number on google so they will provide it to you online.

● All the discussion is critical to know, especially if you are a beginner. The experts give a few reviews about it to create ease for you and offer all the specific methods.

Reasons For Changing Blades

There is some reason why the person will feel to bring changes to your miter saw blades. All these things are given below.

Blades Become Dull

The first reason is the blades become dull and can not work in the right way. So in this way, you will feel a need to change the blades. You can bring some changes to the blade on it. Because you will require the super best quality cuts, and it will not have the ability to offer these kinds of responses.

Accurate Cuts

The second thing is that a person will need accurate cuts on different materials, but the blades cannot offer it. That is the reason you should replace the old blades and install the new one. All the woodworkers want to get accurate cut through the blades, but if it gets some fault or issue, you should apply some best blades to fulfill your requirements.

Cuts On Different Materials

Another big reason for changing the Ryobi miter’s blades is if the person wants to create cuts on different materials. That is why you can replace it because the old blades do not have the property to cut objects according to your requirement.

Most companies offer their brands wit having the quality to create cuts on specific materials. But sometimes, you will need to cut an object according to your need, so you should change the blades of the product.

Creating Different Cuts

First of all, you have to check the object you want to cut and then focus on the blades’ teeth. You will see a variety of teeth on the blades that are supposed for different cuts. Some blades will give you clean, accurate cuts, crisper, rough, and choppy. Hence, focus on this thing when you want to do this process.

Things You Will Need

● 10millimeter wrench
● 5millimeter hex key
● Combination Square
● Phillips screwdriver
● Machine oil

Frequently Asked Question

How to replace blade on ryobi miter saw?

First of all, you have to look for security precautions while doing this process. You have to remove the plug from the electric circuit because it will lead to severe issues.

● The arm blade must loose.
● However, the bolt cover must remove.
● Then pull the blade.
● Remove the old blade from it.
● Now apply the new on.


If you have the Ryobi miter brand, then it is quite essential to learn about the basics. Similarly, you will need different cuts on objects. In this way, you will feel the need to change the blades on the miter saw. That is why our team is here to offer the article through which you will get all the information about it. And after reading it, you will not face any issue and will perform this process very smoothly.

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