How To Cut Crown Molding Inside Corners?

How To Cut Crown Molding Inside CornersThose people who want to cut crown molding inside corners should learn two ways to do this process. The first one is to cut an angle and then connect or fix them together. But only a miter saw will allow you to do this job.

However, this process will work perfectly on the 90 degrees angle in which you will not have to worry about compensating for weird angles. So the next or second method is to cope with the corners of the crown molding.

The option is done by putting the crown molding on the top of an uncut piece fixed up with a wall. For doing this process, the worker will need a mitered length, and then you should use a fence and cope saw to keep the wood behind while cutting.

This article will offer some easy ways to cut crown molding inside corners with a compound miter saw even very easily. Before doing this operation, make sure to learn all the basics and the right methods not to face any issue or problem.

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A Few Easy Steps to Cut Crown Molding Inside Corners:

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Here are a few easy methods to do this process, especially if you are a beginner. All these are shown below.

Method 1: Mitering Joints To Match Equal Cuts

1: You should spend a lot of time mitering your angles about 10-15 minutes:

For mitering the crown molding, you should cut every corner at an angle for getting the best and perfect result. To do this process and cut two crown molding pieces, you will need an angle finder molding at half of a corner.

● This method will take about 10 minutes of mitering, but if you are doing it for the first time, it may take a long time.

● If your wall is flat, then this is a great choice for you. Then place a level on your wall close to the ceiling if it is perfectly balanced. You will need two angle cuts for connecting two pieces of crown molding.

● The inside corner means that corner where two walls meet together at an internal angle, and it will offer you 45 degrees angle when you start processing.

● But 135 angles will be getting after facing the second corner, which is an external angle on the wall.

2: For the determination of angle, then you should need a finder angle for your corner.

Fitting half of the finder angle against the wall that you are using. Then adjust a finder angle with the help of your free hand, for the purpose to keep it on the adjacent wall.

Then focus on the indicator attached to the angle finder that will help the worker determine the angle of your wall. Additionally, your walls will meet at 90 degrees.

● This process also allows you to use a combination of square or an adjustable protector in the place of using an angle finder. However, if you like to make the reading easier, then there is also a digital angle finder.

3: After the above methods, you should measure your wall and mark the corners where you want to create a cut.

For calculating the length of the wall, the person should use a measuring tape. Now it’s time to take your crown molding and use the size of your wall to create a cut on the exact place or point.

In addition to this, create a mark on the backside and the bottom of your crown molding with a pencil’s help, which will help track the exact location where you want to fix the corner or to install.

● Make sure you should mark the right corner that you already know about it. If you are going to install the right side of the crown molding in the corner, the person should mark the left on the backside and the bottom. You will take the right side.

● A bevel cut is the type of any angle that you will create. That is why you should look for all these things before cutting down the crown molding inside the corner. It would be better for you.

4: Now set up the table of the product that is miter saw to create cut at 90 degrees angle.

By flipping the handle or pressing its unlocking button, you will be able to unlock the table of rotating of the miter saw. The start to move it until it reaches 90 degrees or 0 depends upon the design of the table. It is very good and helpful to keep the blade perpendicular.

● By cutting the joint even to 45 degrees, you will still need to cut a piece to fix the wall’s length. Moreover, you can also skip this step if your crown molding is already cut in sizes.

● The person also can use a handsaw or a miter template saw in the place of the miter saw. A template miter saw comes with a plastic box and an open-top that will offer slots for a handsaw.

5: Now, fix your blades to cut an angle based on the angle of your wall.

Hence, the woodworker should start moving the handle until it matches the desired or needed angle. If the wall is 45 degrees, then you should fix the saw at 90 degrees. In another way, you will divide the angle into two to determine the angle that you need to cut your crown molding.

● It will depend upon the angle of the will you are interested in moving the blades left or right for cutting. If you want to meet the crown molding and inside corner on the right side and are missing from the front, then move the blade to the left.

6: Clamp the crown molding under the miter saw.

In the table of the saw, set the crown molding down, against under the blades of the fence. The crown molding should adjust until the operating line keeps down in the table’s guideline. Hold the crown molding, use table clamps or c-clamps to tight them, so it will not move during operation.

● If you are an experienced user, you can skip the clamps if you know the miter saw’s proper use. Use your free hand to keep the crown molding against the fence.

● This fence will help keep it in line, and if it is exact to the right place, you will be able to get a precise and accurate cut of your operation.

7: At the desired angle, you should lower the for a bevel cut.

If you have one, then turn off the blade protector and take it for this method. And now turn on your miter saw and provide 10-16 seconds giving the speed to the blades. In addition to this, for bevel cut slowly lower on the miter saw. This will help in providing clean and accurate cuts according to your requirements.

● The person should wear and mask and safety goggles before starting the operation to keep themselves safe and protected from the dust particles created by the miter saw.

● Most companies offer their brands with the feature of dust collecting bags. That is why it is not a big issue, so do not worry about it.

● If the blades are locked to the exact angles, then a miter saw is very simple and easy to use. But if you are a beginner, then you should learn the right way of using it.

Method 2: Layering The Pieces By Coping Them

1: Spend 10-15 minutes coping with the corners.

You will have to install one crown molding piece for coping with the corner with the wall, including the second piece present on the top. The person will need to mitigate the first corner and then create a cut using a miter saw to cut it behind that corner out.

This is quite important to do while doing this process. But if you do not know about it, then our team will provide all the information and create ease for you. So after reading this article, you will not face any issue or problem.

● The time required for doing this process or operation will be based on the person how comfortable they are with working on the miter saw. Similarly, if you are a professional worker, then it will take 10-15 minutes.

● But if a person uses it for the first time, they must face a lot of time. That is why do not worry about it but only focus on the accuracy and precision of your cuts in crown molding inside corners.

2: For matching the angles of your wall, you should cut one piece of the crown molding you are using in operation.

Not only this, but you should install one piece of the crown molding on the top of another to cope with the corner.

One piece of cope will be that you fix it with a corner. Now it’s time to start your miter saw to create cut on the previous methods. It means that you do not bring changes in using your product or machine for the project.

● If your home is older and the wall is not square, then this method is perfect and suitable for your requirement. This is the best way to deal with all these projects with a hundred percent accuracy and precision.

● But your task is not matching two pieces together, then do not worry about the accuracy of the cut because you are free to create quick adjustments with your miter saw. So the person can easily do all their jobs very easily.

● It will not require matching if you are doing the process with the coping. But the person only will need to flash it with the wall. That is why they should create perpendicular cuts. All these things can only perform with a miter’s help or using a circular saw, coping.

3: The person should mark the line with the help of a pencil on which they want to cope.

It is very important to remind you of the object you want to cut and make visible during operation. Not only this but make sure to highlight the edges of the crown molding also. That will help to offer precise and accurate cuts without any fault.

So make sure to look for it before starting this step. Some people do not have an idea about this. That is why we are here to mention every single point about this to create ease for you.

● The above step will keep you alert from cutting the wrong angles accidentally. That is why you should follow this step because it will be better for you and your project. Not only this, but the other thing is removing the back from it.

● If the person forgets that exact angle of the crown molding, they will never face these kinds of issues during operation if they create to make on it.

4: Keep the crown molding on the surface.

For doing the operation, you should keep the crown molding exact to a place that will not move. So this will help keep the workpiece hanging about 8-12 inches ( 20-30cm ) over the edge of the work’s surface.

You can also have different materials to keep the object exactly in the right place. So after doing it, it will allow you to cut the materials accurately and with precision. If it starts moving during operation, then you will not be able to get a perfect result.

● But if the person has experiences with a miter saw, they can easily use a free hand to keep the crown molding down. That is why the expert’s reviews to look for all these steps before this operation, so you will not face any difficulty.

● Sometimes all the starters or the beginners face some problems because they do not know the right methods of using this. That is why focus on the information and different articles about these methods to do everything easily.

5: With a copy, saw cut your crown molding with a back through.

Not only to secure your crown molding, but you also need to keep the item’s blades under the face of the crown molding. Now it’s time to carefully move the saw back and even 45 degrees to help and allow you to remove the wood behind the molding.

● You should use a file for a flush that will allow you to get an accurate and perfect result. This is very important for this process that everyone should follow it and get the best response from the miter saw while doing the crown molding project.

● By removing the molding, you should start to cut the center of the crown molding. So this way, you will able to cut inside the corners that is your right need or requirements.

6: The person should remove most of the wood from the end while doing with coping.

Using the coping saw, the worker should start cutting the object. But these methods will not be as perfect if you begin the miter saw for creating cuts in the crown molding inside corners. Likewise, work slowly with the item’s help and try to adjust the angles of the miter saw before starting the operation.

● Those people who create a small vertical cut in crown molding can do all these things easily and with full accuracy and efficiency. These cuts will be found at the back of the moldings. So make sure to perform every single step of this process.

7: Also, remove the small section that is present close to the crown moldings’ face.

All the woods will goes a little bit near to the face of the crown moldings. That is about 1-5 millimeters. But this will not help in removing the cop accurately. So for this need, you have to put a file under the crown molding.

Also, brace the top of the crown molding with the help of the freehand. Not only this but the section of back forth some of the woods are not coms close to this. So for trimming, you should repeat this process until you will get the exact result.

● Suppose you put the file, so not use it quickly or fast to snap the crown molding. Hence, if you do it, then you will need to create a new cut. This is also a very important step to follow.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Q: how to cut crown molding with compound miter saw?

Corner joints in crown forming are “compound” on the grounds that each cut end has two points – a miter point and a sloping point. Compound saws are invaluable on the grounds that the saw inclines to slice the slant and pivots to one side or option to cut the miter, making the two points with a solitary cut.

Q: how to cut crown molding flat?

The following are the steps to cut crown molding flat:

1: First, you will need to set the miter angle to 31.6 degree

2: Now it is time for the bevel to be in 33.9 degree

3: Let the crown laid flat and cut it

4: Reverse and repeat it again

Q: how to cut crown molding the easy way?

It has the same way a method similar to the molding flat. However, the only thing which is different is the bevel angle which is 30 degrees here.

Q:how to cut crown molding on a sloped ceiling?

A more sloped ceiling is hazardous on the grounds that the flat bits of crown embellishment may not fit well against the divider or the slanted roof.

Q:how to cut 22.5 degree crown molding flat?

To join two bits of molding or baseboard at a 45-degree point, you should cut each bit of wood at a 22.5-degree point. To rapidly and precisely make these cuts, utilize a miter saw or miter box.


As shown above, all the methods and steps of cutting crown molding inside corners, so after reading this article, you will not face any issue or problem. That is why all the expert’s reviews to learn the basics of this method. So if you are a beginner and do not know the exact way of using the tool, then check all the information about this; that would be much better. Because dealing with a miter saw and get an accurate result is not an easy task to do.

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