How To Use A Miter Saw 2021?

how to use a miter sawCutting mitered joints by hand can be difficult, and it’s time-consuming. A miter saw is one of the best tools and can easily use to trim the frames, such as door frames, picture frames, windows casings, etc. with the power miter saw and its sharp blade, it is easy to cut the joints finely to adjusting the angle.

If it’s your first experience, so be prepared, the first time you press the switch on a power miter saw. The saw will pull as the blade rise to speed. Before starting your cut, listen to the edge when it reaches the top speed, create your cut. Then underneath the blade leisurely through the board till the cut is complete. Grasp the saw carriage down and release the switch, allowing the blade to complete the cut before uplift. Before the blade stops rotating, you should have to maintain the grip on the workpiece.

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  1. You have to decide the size and type of saw you will need. These saws have many functions, and they come in different sizes.
  2. You should have to decide about the muscles that how much your miter saw will need.
  3. Purchase, rent, or borrow a saw. You have to decide which saw you want and you need to get your hands on it. If your project is a one-time event, you may consider purchasing it a good investment because they are costly.
  4. You have to set up a stand on a table or in a room, in a way where it is easy or comfortable to use.
  5. Read the instructions manual before using the saw and follow all the instructions and precautions.
  6. Read and learn about the different parts of the machine and know each one’s purpose.
  7. Unlock the saw so that plank can be placed on the saw and the blade will travel.
  8. Plug your saw and place the piece of material on the bench.
  9. Cut different angles and place them together to see how they fit.
  10. Make enough cuts so that you are comfortable using the saw.
  11. Do experiment with all the functions that you learn how to use them correctly.

Parts of the miter saw:

 The blade and the guard: 

This part of the saw is used to cut the woods. As you lower down the guard, it will slowly move away from the blades, and when you release it will cover it back. Be careful and keep your fingers away from this section.

 The fence: 

It is used to stick the wood from where you set up, it gives you straight cuts, but if you forget to push the wood against the fence, you could end up with the weirdest cuts. It would help if you always used both the hands to hold the wood against the fence and others for operating the saw.

 Handle and switch: 

It is pretty basic. This is how to operate the saw. When you press the button up on the handle,

the blade will start rotating, and when you press the button down, it stops.

 Handle and switch: 

This can stop the pre-measured cuts so you can move the table to get different angled cuts.

 Bevel gauge: 

It measures the tilt of the blade, and this gauge is present under or behind the blade.

Types of miter saw:

Miter saw it comes in different sizes, and they have additional features, and how costly they depend directly on all of these factors.

 A basic miter saw: 

This saw is used to make the basic angled cuts.

 Single bevel compound miter saw: 

When the table rotates, the blade tilts in one direction.

 Double bevel compound miter saw

The table rotates, and the blade tilts in both directions.

 Sliding compound miter saw

To cut the broader boards, the blade can slide out.

 Miter saw size: 

The blade of the saw determines how wide a board you can cut.

Types of the miter saw cuts:


It is the most used cut and is the simple 90-degree cut.

 A miter cut: 

Forty-five degrees is a standard angle for this cut. This is the angled cut across the board’s width that is made by rotating a table to the required angle.

 Beveled cut: 

Beveled cut can cut the angled cut across the thickness of the board. This can be made by the beveled gauge and by tilting the saw blade at the required angle.

 Compound cut: 

It is the combination of both the stakes, miter, and bevel cuts. To get this angle, both the gauges are set at the required angles.

 Miter saw safety: 

A miter saw is easy to use and is safe when you know the techniques and follow the precautions and instructions. Please read them carefully and try to understand them. The following are some of the essential safeguards that should be followed while using the miter saw.

  1. You should be careful before changing the blades and make sure that the saw is unplugged.
  2. Unplugged the saw if you are not using it.
  3. While using the saw, keep your fingers at least 6 in, away from the blades. Some saws specify the danger zone.
  4. When operating the saw, you should have to wear safety glasses and hearing protection.
  5. While the blade is rotating, don’t reach under the blade.
  6. Let the blade to complete each cut before uplifting.

Cutting short pieces requires special techniques:

Whenever you have to cut the short pieces less than about 8 in, start cutting it from a longer piece and keep your fingers in the safe zone away from the blade. Suppose you need to cut the parts that are 6 in. Then start cutting them from the more extended side, change the miter saw angle, and rotate the piece while holding the longer end.

 Usage of miter saw: 

Woodworkers and builders use these miter saws, and they cannot imagine their lives without it. This tool is just like a daily essential in their work. They use this tool to make doors, frames, boxes, gates, ledges.

This tool will help you to do a lot of work done in a few seconds. It makes work very easy, and you can cut the board from different angles very easily.

Moreover, the roofing material can also be trim by this tool. Even DIY lovers are also impressed by its benefits.

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FAQ’S Of How To Use A Miter Saw:

Q: How To Use A Miter Saw To Cut Angles?

You can cut the material at a 50-degree angle by adding a wedge block and making it perfect with its swivel option for trimming. Moreover, most of the miter saw also comes with the adjustable setting to cut at a 45-50-degree angle easily.

Q: How to Use a Power Miter Saw?

It is easy to use a power miter saw as a compound miters saw. So, a thicker the blade with its teeth size. Then it makes the perfect cut and gives full trimming power.

Q: How To Operate Miter Saw?

A miter saw for cutting work is operated at 90-degree easily with its full bevel support. Moreover, it provides complete comfort for work at any angle. But, it is good to use the miter saw a 90-degree angle with its full bevel support.

Conclusion Of How To Use A Miter Saw:

If you have a miter, I saw it would make your work easier. A miter saw is a multipurpose tool that can be used for professional or personal reasons. If you are a DIY lover, this tool can also help you a lot. You can do beautiful things by using them and make money by selling the items you made. You can also teach others about its benefits, and if you are a YouTube lover, you can also make meaningful videos to make more money.


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