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Ryobi Miter Saw PartsIf you want to know about the parts of the Ryobi miter saw blade guard, then here through this article, we will show all the essential components of this tool. You will not face any issue, so if you are interested, then you must read this discussion because it is beneficial. 

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Popular Parts Of The Miter saw.

Here are the parts that are given below. 

Drive Belt

It is a substantial part of the Ryobi miter saw that is replaceable and offered exclusively to the customers. This is the part of the item that stands for play a significant role in the product, and you should look for the best construction of this component. You will add this to the BD46076 Pulley of Driven. 

While the BD46015 Pulley of Idler for the drive of the 4 x 36 that is the Belt of Sanding and the Belt of the Disc is about 6 inch on the Ryobi BD4600 Sander. These are the basics of these components. 

For placing the belt, you start from the Igler’s pulley and start from aligning the teeth on grooves belts that will belong to the pulley. You should not add the belt on all directions of the tool but connect it with the lift of Driven because that is the exact requirement if you are interested in fixing it. 

Besides, if a woodworker wants to rotate the belt and pulley, you must have to press the belt on the pulley’s directions. In this way, you will get your product performing in the right way without getting any fault or issue. But the beginners should learn the basics because it is not an easy task to fix the components of the miter saw on its need places. 

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Pad Assembly

This is another part of the item that also includes the Ryobi trimmer parts manual in this here is the pad assembly, and again, it is the replacing part of this tool. You will see the attachment of the pad with a clamp on the platen assembly. In addition to this, the back of the place is made up of metal. 

But those interested in removing the pad of the miter saw then you should cancel a few more things from this. Then after this, you will be able to keep it away from the Ryobi miter saw. 

First of all, remove the Philips in the number of four, so try to keep it away. Then the screws of the head that have been attached the block with the platen. 


This is another part of the tool that is Ryobi miter saw plate and also replaceable. Platen is the component of the sander that will help in connecting the loop and hook the sandpaper. Moreover, you can also change it in this item without any issue because we already show its removal property, so do not worry about it. 

But if you are interested in increasing the platen’s life, then you must look for applying low pressure on the materials through which you are doing the process of sanding or in simple words that are called sander. In case you add more force, then it will not work for more time. 

As it is sure that if the person applies much pressure, then the level of heat will increase, and it will be the reason for its damage, or on another side, the small parts of the pad made up of plastic will melts quickly. 

Loop And Hook Disc Assembly

These parts are used in Ryobi and Rigid Random Orbit Sanders. The hook of this miter saw is about 5-inch while, and you will also notice eight loops attach to this product’s sander. So you will see the accurate response of this part and will show you the efficiency and purity. 

Another point comes in this part that if you want to use it for a long time, so do not apply high pressure on it because due to excessive heat, it will get damaged, and those hooks that are made up of plastic will melt. You will never get the best result from the miter saw just because of its damaged parts. 

Hence, if you want to replace the pad then, first of all, you will have to remove a few things from the miter saw that had been fixing in it that includes keeping away the four screws that are connected with the sander and then add the new parts that you are interested in. This is the stepwise method of bringing change to your device, and also straightforward and easy. 

Fuel Tank Assembly

This is another essential and significant part of the tool. As you will also notice, the Ryobi miter saw fence is an impressive and accurate component when it comes to performance. The tank of fuel is an OEM changing section. 

Hence it also includes a few fuel filters, cap of fuel, and lines of powers. But when your requirement extends, then you must need to offer the bumpers of fuels for your machine that will work accurately and give you the best result while you are operating the woods and making the different cut on it. 

Do not worry about its quality because it is designed through high-quality materials, so it will allow you to use it for a long time without getting any fault in it. 

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Conclusion Of Ryobi Miter Saw Parts

As it is not an easy task to know about the parts pf the Ryobi miter saw, that is why our team is here to help you and will discuss the essential parts of this product. That is why you should read it and learn all the things about it. It would help if you focused on the Ryobi miter saw throat plate before buying it. Not only this but also the Ryobi miter saw fence extension. 


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