Scholarship Program For Architectures $2500 Twice – Each Year Total $5000


$25,00 Scholarship for architecture

Royan’s  has donated scholarship funds of over $250,00 to architectures students.

Making the buildings that people love gives you great pleasure. Such people have dreams for a better world. They have designs in their minds that they want to work on. But studying architecture is not that easy. Not every school is good enough for such high dreamers. So they look for foreign institutes that provide the best faculty and productive course work. The only problem is that such institutes are a bit expensive and so not everyone can afford them.

The people who want to pursue their dream in architecture but don’t have enough resources to pay for the tuition fees always look for scholarships. Several colleges, universities and different organizations offer scholarships for such students. But not everyone is aware of such funding opportunities.

Note: Each Winner Will Get Awarded With $2500 Twice Per Year – Total $5000.

Therefore, we are providing you with a platform that offers you complete details about the architecture scholarships. Such funding organizations cover your educational fees and also offer you a certain amount to manage your expenses.

 $25,00 Scholarship for architecture 

This is an excellent opportunity for Architectures Woodworkers Carpenters and builders who have always dreamt of watching their imaginative designs turn into reality. Our organization is looking for talented students around worldwide who have the mind for architecture and want to pursue their dream. Through utilizing this amazing opportunity, you can achieve your goal and go into the profession of architecture. This scholarship is for the Master’s program.


Specific requirements make you eligible for this scholarship. These include,

  • You should have a minimum of 3.0 CGPA in the bachelor’s degree.
  • You should have completed a bachelor’s degree in Architecture degree program.
  • Or it would be best if you had the education from a technical institute or a community college. Technical education must be in architecture designing.

Architecture degree programs include a five or four years’ bachelor’s degree in architecture from a recognized university or college. technical education consists of a short course or a diploma program in architecture and design.

 Who Can Apply? 

Any nationality students can apply.

 Application process 

The application process is quite simple and easy. You just need to ensure the provision of all the required documents.

Applications for the batch of 2021 – 2022 academic year are now open.

Applicants are supposed to attach these documents along with their application form.

  • A 1000 words essay about your dream of getting into architecture and why you want to pursue this career.
  • Your resume.
  • Recommendation letters from two of your professors.
  • Your detailed portfolio. This includes your achievements during and after the bachelor’s program. These achievements can and cannot be architecture-specific.

Apply Now


TheBestMiterSaw Scholarships are permanent, accepting submissions Each Year

  • Essays must be received by December 26th, 2020 9 AM EST

If you have any Queries or concerns Regarding Scholarship, feel free to email us at Scholarship Department
Email Address [email protected]

Past Winners

 Congratulations To The Past Following Scholarship Award Winners! 

My name is Jesse Fuller, I’m from Montgomery, Alabama. I am a third-year architecture student at the University of Alabama. I plan to make a minor in sustainable architecture and focus on care design and affordable housing in low-income areas and disaster. I like to draw and paint and do very practical activities. I was very surprised and couldn’t believe I was reading. I felt very happy and comfortable to receive this scholarship.
Jesse Fuller, Awarded $5000 - Winner Of 2019 - Total Application Received: 230
<strong>Jesse Fuller</strong>


My name is Amelia Boothby, I live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire so I spend most of my free time outdoors, either cycling or walking. I also like to spend time on woodworking projects. I have been involved in high school student training organizations and now I have been involved with the Student Alumni Association at the University of New Hampshire. I am also involved in the organization Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), which entertains girls in secondary school and secondary school in science.
Amelia Boothby, Awarded $5000 - Winner Of 2018 - Total Applications Received: 130
<strong>Amelia Boothby</strong>


My name is Amy Molvig, and I am from Hollister, California. I feel so blessed to have won the $5000 scholarship. After receiving the email from [email protected] that there were 250 applicants, I was very intimidated and had absolutely no expectations of winning. It was a huge surprise for me and every time I remind myself that I won, I get even more excited.
Amy Molvig, Awarded $5000 - Winner Of 2017 - Total Application Received: 250
<strong>Amy Molvig</strong>


My name is Sean Storey, Living in ODESSA, Missouri. Excited, proud, everything you would expect from a scholarship recipient. Getting a scholarship creates a level of self-confidence. Having received this amazing scholarship, I now realize the opportunity to be awarded to others.
Sean Storey, Awarded $5000 - Winner Of 2016 - Total Application Received: 100
<strong>Sean Storey</strong>


My name is Bianca Wollaston and I’m from Carbondale, Pennsylvania. I was very shocked to hear that I had been selected for a scholarship, it seemed too good to be true. I feel very blessed with this opportunity!
Bianca Wollaston, Awarded $5000 - Winner Of 2015 - Total Application Received: 184
<strong>Bianca Wollaston</strong>

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